unique factor profiles leverage stem cell language to address specific skin concerns like wrinkles, discoloration

The Key to Science in a bottle: Consortia Factors

What exactly IS the magic potion behind the incredible STEM Regenerative Serum? The fountain of youth lays in the consortia factors. Now what does that mean? Let’s break it down…Consortia refers to a group of “things” that come together to collaborate with a specific goal in mind, factors are what the cells produce…so consortia factors are a specific and unique collection of factors (aka the language) that the cells produce to bring about a specific effect.

The patented stem cell mentoring methodology that has been meticulously researched and created by Dr. Nathan Newman, is used to produce the unique set of factor profiles called Consortia Factors. For example, CFx-α2 is a unique factor profile in one of our proprietary hero ingredients.  Each unique set of Consortia Factors utilizes the natural intelligence of stem cell language to address specific concerns, such as wrinkles, laxity, tone, discoloration, hair, and inflamaging. The beauty of Consortia Factors lies in their unique but universal language—understandable by the cells we want to communicate with, despite potential variations or "accents". Dr. Newman's years of research have resulted in uniquely productive signals that promote effective communication between cells leading to targeted and desired results.

Want to see an example of this effective communication? Below you can see photographs under the microscope of how Consortia Factors work naturally with stem cells to balance and optimize the body’s own processes, in this case the “desired result” was a beneficial impact on blood vessels. Dr. Newman’s scientific team compared the results of STEM regenerative serum to the results of VEGF. VEGF (Vascular endothelia growth factor) is a protein produced by many cells that stimulate the formation of blood vessels. VEGF is known to be very effective (which we also display) but look at the vast superiority of STEM as compared to VEGF on the body’s blood vessels proliferation. This is scientific evidence showing how the STEM products help rejuvenate your skin.

STEM contains a wide range of factors to create unique factor profiles that constitute a holistic environment allowing the factors to work with one another, rather than focus on a single factor.  The real magic lies not only in these individual components but in their intricate interactions with each other and the surrounding cells. This revolutionary synergy sets STEM Regenerative Serum above and apart from other stem cell-based products.

Elevate your skincare routine with the richness of Consortia Factors working in harmony for unparalleled results. Experience the transformative power of Stem Regenerative Serum, where science meets skincare in a bottle.

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