About US

Welcome to The STEM Company, where novel science meets beauty innovation. We are a revolutionary cosmetic and biotech brand founded by Dr. Nathan Newman, a visionary in the field of regenerative medicine and stem cell technology. 

Our Mission
The STEM Company is on a global mission to cultivate a Stem Cell culture through scientific research and the development of Stem Cell products and medical therapies. Dr. Newman is dedicated to a lifelong mission of raising awareness and educating the public about the healing potential of Stem Cells and making it accessible to everyone around the world through our "science in a bottle" approach.

Our Vision
At The STEM Company, we envision a world where advanced science, innovative luxury products, and self-empowerment seamlessly intertwine. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to realize their full regenerative potential, live their prime life, and radiate beauty from within.

The Science Behind Our Success
The STEM CELL MENTORING PATENTED TECHNOLOGY is a unique and innovative concept, the first of its kind. Our products are an extension of Dr. Newman’s 25 years of clinical experience and research aimed at unlocking the secrets of self-regeneration. His groundbreaking discoveries have led to the development of proprietary stem cell technology that mentors and harnesses the natural intelligence of intercellular communication that serves as the key ingredients in our products. Designed to mentor the regenerative and revitalizing capabilities of your skin, STEM products promote a more youthful and radiant appearance.